"I now have the confidence to move forward on my own, knowing that I have a really solid foundation of what social media is really all about. Thank you to the whole team."

Jane Frazer

"I’ve gained knowledge of marketing methods that are relevant to my role and the digital age"

Jonathon Broadley

"It’s been very useful being able to apply the knowledge learnt in class to my everyday job."

Declan Bailey

"At every stage, the course was presented in a useful and relevant way to help me improve and update how my company does business."

Susan Cunningham

"I have really enjoyed studying social media, it has been nice to get out of the office and learn things that will help the company I work for."

Alexandra Gill

"This has been a progression route for my career. I’ve learnt skills and tricks of the trade for life that are accessible into any job."

Nicole Hill

"The course has been a positive learning experience with interactive classes and knowledgeable tutors."

Yasmin Hasoon

"The course has given me confidence, practical skills and a vast understanding of audience types."

Rebecca Shellard

"I have gained reassurance and up to date digital marketing and social media skills."

Daniel Jackson
15/03/2017 in Industry News

Are you Levy ready? 

With the Levy changes coming into effect on the 6th April we have covered some of the key questions you may have. What is the Apprenticeship Levy? The Apprenticeship Levy is at the…

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01/03/2017 in Company News

Face a Larger Fine for Using Your Mobile Whilst Driving

Drivers who are using their mobile phone behind the wheel will now be faced with a larger fine as of today. (01/03/2017) Drivers will receive a fine of £200 and…

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16/02/2017 in Social Media Tips

7 Websites for Free Stock Images

It can be extremely difficult to catch the attention of your audience with a simple text post on social media. Visual content became increasingly popular in 2016. With platforms such…

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