Face a Larger Fine for Using Your Mobile Whilst Driving

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Drivers who are using their mobile phone behind the wheel will now be faced with a larger fine as of today. (01/03/2017)

Drivers will receive a fine of £200 and 6 points on their licence, and will not be given the chance to go onto a driving awareness course to revoke this. The new laws will result in drivers who have had their licence for less than 2 years will automatically have their licence revoked.

What you need to know about the new laws:

  • If you are driving any motor vehicle it is illegal to use any hand-held devices. This includes when you are stuck in traffic or stopped at a red light.
  • You can’t use any hand-held devices if you are supervising a learner driver.The police have right to stop you if they think you are distracted by an internet device, including sat-nav and hands-free.
  • The police have right to stop you if they think you are distracted by an internet device, including sat-nav and hands-free.
  • In cases where it is deemed “unsafe or impractical” to stop, drivers can use their phones to call emergency services.

Fines for using your mobile phone whilst driving were first introduced in 2003 and were at £30, and were then doubled in 20017 to £60 plus three points on your licence. In 2013 the fine was again raised to £100. Despite the consequences, The Department for Transport said that “there has been no sustained reduction in observed mobile phone use over time”

These changes are going to impact new and younger drivers as younger people are engaged more on social media, some even use their mobile phones to live stream and Snapchat whilst behind the wheel, if they are now caught using their mobile phone it will result in their licence taken off them as they accumulate six points.

Earlier this year, ministers had planned to meet with car manufacturers and mobile phone companies to discuss plans for technology that can automatically stop phones working in moving cars, making it impossible for drivers to receive or make phone calls and texts behind the wheel. They hope to do this with technology that will block phone signal for drivers.

The Department for Transport deems using a mobile device whilst driving just as dangerous and socially unexceptional as drunk driving.

These news laws should make everyone reconsider checking their notifications whilst driving, making the roads a much safer place for everyone.

Social Media Jobs

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Social Media is still fairly new and people are still getting used to using it. It’s mainly populated by millennials, with 90% of young adults having at least one social platform, and a third of millennials say social media is one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses. It’s becoming a lot more common now for businesses to use social media to drive their sales and engage with their customers by using various platforms. Social Media is helping give businesses a boost in sales, and even more companies are looking to hire someone to manage their social media.

Social Media jobs can be misunderstood and often seen as “just” someone being paid to scroll through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram all day. Universities are now incorporating Social Media skills into various degrees such as marketing and multimedia. The current, most direct route for young people to get a career in social media is through an apprenticeship or social media courses. This job role may entail a fair amount of scrolling through various social media platforms, but it’s all for a good reason.

Mobile Phone Logging Onto Twitter

It’s understandable that the phrase ‘Social Media’ makes people think of it as a recreational hobby,  often with a sole purpose of entertainment. But what about the people putting the entertainment out there?

When you scroll through Facebook and see an advert from one of your favourite brands you probably don’t spend much time thinking about it, you may give it a like and not realise the amount of work that went behind that post. One post on social media takes many processes, from coming up with post ideas that will stand out in a sea of other ideas, figuring out the purpose of your post and then the creation and publication of it.

Marketing, PR, advertising, blogging and media creation all fall under – social media for business. Doing social media for a business takes a professional and creative person, who’s going to be dedicated to representing the brand online and keeping up with what’s  trending.

The beauty of social media marketing is that you can get the same reach and brand awareness that comes with above the line marketing while being able to target specific audiences and getting measurable results. All companies want to be able to connect with their audience and make potential customers existing customers, and this can be done by analysing results and engagement on social media. No one has mastered a perfect marketing technique, but with technology such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights it makes it much easier to see what is working online and what audience you are appealing to.

Person typing on laptop in workspace

Jobs in social media are becoming more popular. Businesses are realising that they need someone who can market their business online while engaging with customers and creating a community. This is a career that needs to be taken seriously and have someone that can commit to being flexible, thinking with initiative and having a creative flair that will stand out.

Since Facebook became accessible to anyone over the age of 13 in 2006, it has since become the most popular social media platform with at least 60 million active business pages promoting their services worldwide. It’s become increasingly clear that social media is here to stay and it’s ever-evolving.


If you’re considering a career in social media, I would highly recommend that you get a start on your career now. Whether you’re currently an office assistant and want to contribute more to your company and show your worth or you’re currently looking for a new career start, now is the perfect time to apply for a social media for business qualification to learn new skills and contribute massively to your brands’ growth.

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