The Social Media Lab offers Students the chance to gain a Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business, a skillset that is in much demand.

It is a qualification that is up to date with modern business marketing techniques, individual students are encouraged to apply their skills and knowledge into their own place of work and adapt ideas to their unique brand and customer demographics.

Skills you will learn

Why and how to develop a Company Social Media Policy

Understand the necessity for creating and managing a business Social Media Policy, who can say what & when

Create engaging content for blogs and marketing campaigns

You will design a Content Calendar based on your business needs and look at how to create new, engaging content.

Optimise content using keywords, phrases & hashtags for SEO purposes

Learn the use of keywords, phrases and hashtags that relate to your business brand across different platforms.

How to plan, shoot, edit and post video.

Video is such an important aspect of SEO and when well produced drives higher customer engagement.

How to create images for web, email & social use

Learn how to create and manipulate graphics and photographs to create visual impact for your content.

How to manage your Social Networking

You will look at methods of defining and managing your network of customers, brand ambassadors and influencers.

How to create a blog/website using a Content Management System

Learn how to use a professional CMS WordPress site to create blogs and websites that are optimised using the latest SEO techniques.

How to conduct Market Research on your competitors and customers

Monitor social platforms for how your competition engages with your market and use social listening to find new customers.